Von FSB falsifizierter Prozess gegen Antifaschisten in Russland

Donnerstag - 30.08.2018
20:00 - 23:00

Stattpark OLGA
Boschetsrieder Straße 109
81379 München


When there is solidarity – there is no way to hide repressions behind the curtain of borders and corrupted media and to hide tortures behind the walls of prisons and police cars. And the week of solidarity with locked up anarchists is a good reason to remember how that works. On the 30th of August at 8 o`clock in the evening we will discuss the repressions against anarchist and antifascists in Russia and particularly the case of so called „Network“.

Repressions against anarchists and antifascists in Russia are going from the end of the 2017. 10 persons are locked up due to the so called „Network“ case. They are suspected in participation in the terrorist organization. They face up to 10 years in prison. The investigation use tortures.

The „Network“ case exists in the wider political context. It is going during the presidential election, during the World Cup, during the hunger strike of the political prisoner Sentsov arrested in Crimea and convicted to 20 years in jail by a Russian court, during the pressure on the freedom of media, during the news about the tortures in prisons… We will rise this topics – and of course the topic of solidarity!

The talk will be held in English.

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