Claim of responsibility

Here you get the information how to participate Kalinka. What it is and who is behind it.

What is

Kalinka is a leftist online calendar for events in Munich and its surrounding area.  It is reaching across political themes and movements and their various approaches.

Who is making Kalinka and why?

We are group of people with different left backgrounds. Together we have a political aim: The Emancipation from oppression, exploitation and chauvinism.

We understand ourselves as a collective editorial. Our mode of working is grassroot democratic and our way of decision making is through consensus.

We make Kalinka, because we want to offer an overview, what is happening in and around Munich, because there is a variety of interesting events taking place. Often we don`t notice them, that should change through Kalinka.

Which events can you find on Kalinka?

With the collection of events on we want to cover a wide range of topics and therefore address as many people as possible. For the contents the events hosts are responsible themselves.

Important for the selection and publication of the different events is a leftist and emancipatory entitlement for the events itself or a political background of the hosts.

The key aspect of the calendar is with regards to content of events and actions. As well cultural events find its space. Especially we want to draw attention to non-commercial events.

There are not many lectures held in languages other than German, or at least we don’t notice. So feel free to inform us, as well as organize events with translation. Also descriptions of recent activities in various language is an important assistance for people, who want to participate.

How can i submit events?

Kalinka lives from your participation! If you know about events and want to make them public on Kalinka, you can do this here: (

Please give all info, for example entrance fees and in which language the event is and draw attention to information about barrier free entrances.

The description of the event shouldn’t be more then 200 words. We will then adopt your submission, generally one to one, but reserve us the right to changes, and in case of doubt, not to publish the event.

How can i get in contact with Kalinka?

You can reach us at , see the contact page (DE) for details. If you are interested in taking part in Kalinka feel free to contact us. Also constructive feedback is welcome any time.

Data privacy protection and technical matters?

We attach importance to anonymity, of us as well as our guests. Therefore we dont save IP-addresses and make an effort to ensure data safety as far as possible.

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