daneben presents: Addicted To Life

Dienstag - 30.04.2024
19:30 Uhr

daneben im Tröpferlbad
Thalkirchnerstr. 102


Belgian Paralympic athlete, Marieke Vervoort, has won many titles: gold in London 2012, silver in Rio 2016, many world championships. And has an illness that means she suffers from ever increasing pain and epileptic fits.

In 2008 she makes the decision she will end her life under her own terms when her illness becomes too much for her to handle, euthanasia (medical assistance in dying) being legal in Belgium.

This film documents the last 3 years of this adventurous, funny and vulnerable person, during which Marieke’s acceptance of death becomes an affirmation of life. She lives life to the full: bungee jumping in a wheelchair and indoor skydivIng, spending time with close friends and family. Up until the worst phases of her illness become more frequent and she no longer wants to carry on.

Director: Pola Rapaport, 2022, BE/USA, 90 min.
English & Flemish orig. with English subtitles

For all genders

Vegan soup from 7pm

Entrance €2,50



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