Revolution Sundays

Sonntag - 17.02.2019
14:00 - 16:00

Kafe Marat
Thalkirchnerstraße 102


Social, racial, ecological, economic injustice are rife. For many of us all we have to offer up as a way of change is a vote here and there for political parties, none of whom are offering solutions even nearly inspirational enough.

Patriarchy, ageism, aesthetic normativity, adult supremacy and so on, are all things we must critique and build alternatives around.

Revolution Sundays focuses on peaceful modes of getting to a post capitalist world – what does that look like? Can we test it? Can we try little pocket versions?

These events were born in San Francisco, were run in England, Berlin and now they’re springing up all over the globe.

RS offer a regular space to come together, to learn from each other, to feel less alone in the struggle, to remember that we can educate ourselves and act collectively, to reclaim the future.

They include a number of proposals for a new economic system to replace capitalism, examine more advanced forms, or otherwise speculate on the fate of the current form of the social order.


1. Understanding capitalism in under ten minutes
2. How do I experience capitalism
3. Effective radicalism: theory and praxis 101

This is explicitly a place not just to be an anticapitalist, but to be a postcapitalist – to appreciate what capitalism has done for us, but to realise that we can do better if we want to get world that represents the interests of all.


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