Traces of postcolonial past in present-day Munich

Samstag - 01.06.2019
10:00 - 17:00

Die Nachbarschaftshilfe e.V.
Goethestr. 53
80336 München


Commit München e.V. and MindLinks invite you to participate in our interactive workshop: Traces of Postcolonial Past in Present-Day Munich

Why should we care about colonialism? What do (post-)colonial structures have to do with our everyday-life today?
Our present socio-economical behavior, our decisions of consumption and our perceptions of reality are – consciously or not – tied to the many stories of ’New World’ encounters dating back to the era of colonialism. Imaginations of economic wealth, knowledge-production, and material culture blend colonial past into postcolonial present.

Colonialism and its effects are inscribed into the cityscape of Munich – how do we deal with the traces of colonial past in our city? What does decolonisation mean today?
We seek to challenge eurocentric perspectives and connect ourselves with the underlying structures of oppression, exploitation and racism. We broaden our view for the global entanglements of colonialism and zoom in to the local vestiges in Munich.

Our interactive workshop addresses various (post-)colonial structures and take on a personal and historical approach towards post-colonialism.
We also swarm out on a walking tour, researching postcolonial sites in Munich and tracing the hidden paths of postcolonial history in our daily lives today.

Join us on Saturday, June 1st, at 10 am.
in Goethestr. 53, 80336 Munich.

Please note that we are limited to a maximum space of 20 people. If you want to join, please reserve your spot by sending a DM via our Facebook page MindLinks or e-mail to [email protected] containing your full name, and a quick response to these questions for better planning ahead:

1. Did you participate in the MindLinks workshop „World views“ in February (yes/no)?
2. What’s your previous knowledge about colonialism (nothing, a little, a lot)?


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