Filmabend: ONE P.M.

Montag - 26.05.2014
21:00 Uhr

Bergmannstraße 8


A Native American rides a wire-cage elevator up above New York, while loudly mimicking words and phrases from a radical speech about Vietnam played on a tape recorder that he holds in his arms… a political activist discusses the inequalities in American society… a radical black militant discusses French colonial history… an actor dressed as a Confederate soldier provokes a classroom of African-American schoolchildren into a confrontation… a rock band performs on a Manhatten rooftop… this is America 1968 and revolution is in the air…

 iRRland Filmabend / Montag 26.5.14 / 21:00

ONE P.M. (1968; 1972)
Duration: 77 minutes

“We gotta hurry. The revolution is going to happen and we’re going to miss it.” — Jean-Luc Godard, anticipating political upheaval in the U.S


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