Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl

Montag - 30.06.2014
20:00 Uhr

Bergmannstraße 8



!! Mit special guest stars Johannes Grenzfurthner (Drehbuch, Regie) und Roland Gratzer (Drehbuch) aus Wien !!

Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl

(Österreich, 2014, 72 Min)

A long time ago, the so-called „Google Wars“ engulfed the whole world in a deadly chain reaction. Civilization came to a grinding halt. But there is still hope. This is the story of a new beginning…

 A plot teaser:

The growing tension between the last two remaining superpowers -­ China and Google -­ escalates in the early 21st century, and results in the global inferno of the „Google Wars“. But the years go by, radioactive dust settles on old battlegrounds, and a New World rises from the ashes of the old. Fratt Aigner, a seedy journalist, and Alalia Grundschober, a nerdy technician, live and work in Mega City Schwechat: the biggest semi-urban sprawl in the foothills of what remained of the Alps. Newspaper mogul Thurnher von Pjölk assigns them a special task: to venture into the boondocks of the Gstetten and find the legendary Echsenfriedl. It is the beginning of a journey full of dangers, creatures and precarious working conditions…

We originally created the film for ORF III (Austria’s PBS; premiered in March 2014), but we are also submitting it to a bunch of film festivals and hacker cons all around the globe… so let’s see…

Side story: We were brainstorming how to get a bit more money for the project. So we added a text insert into the film, one similar to watermarks used in festival viewing copies. The text insert asks the viewer to report the film as copyright infringement by calling a premium-rate phone number (1.09 EUR/minute). And when the film aired on Austrian national television, people really called the number to report us. So we co-financed the film with proceeds from the premium-rate number. I call this new strategy ‚crowdratting.‘

Anyhow, here is the website: http://monochrom.at/gstettensaga/



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