Café Global: Soziale Kämpfe in Brasilien (Englisch/Portugiesisch/Deutsch)

Mittwoch - 05.04.2023
19:00 - 22:00

Haus der Jugend
Rupprechtstraße 29


Café Global on April 5th!
7pm at Haus der Jugendarbeit
Rupprechtstraße 29

Join our talk and discussion with Henrique Novaes next Wednesday, April 5th. He will be highlighting companies that went bankrupt and were then reclaimed by workers. Novaes will discuss how these enterprises enable emancipated forms of labor through self governance, and how these efforts align with the agenda of the Landless Rural Workers Movement. Additionally, Novaes will illuminate the involvement of German companies in supporting the arrest and torture of trade unionists during Brazil’s dictatorship. He will explore the limits of the Left in Brazil, including the power of big capitalist companies, the rise of neo-fascism and neo-nazism with Bolsonaro, Meloni, Orban, and others, and the current popular governments.

The event will be in english and portuguise (with english translation), if needed – there will be a german translation.

See you there!


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