Samstag - 08.12.2018 - 09.12.2018
14:00 - 5:00

Kafe Marat
Thalkirchnerstraße 102

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QULTUR II, 08.Dezember 2018

08.Dezember 2PM – 5AM @ Tröpferlbad (Kafe Marat) Thalkirchnerstrasse 102, München

Beyond Color präsentiert:

QULTUR ist Münchens erstes von Schwarzen Menschen und People of Color geführtes Queer & trans * Festival / Konferenz – eine Feier der Unterschiede und des Genusses queeren Überflusses mit einer internationalen Auswahl von Black und POC queeren- und Trans* Künstler*innen. Von Workshops, Kunstausstellung, Instrumentalmusik bis hin zu Live-Musik, Spoken Word, Poesie und Performance – an der Spitze, die international gefeierten Trans* – Künstler*in Travis Alabanza. Qultur wird eine Feier des queeren Lebens jenseits des Binären im Jetzt und in der Zukunft sein.

!! Gefördert durch das Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München !!


voller Preis Tag & Nacht: 12 – 24€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung)

Preis nur für Performance & Party@9PM: 6 – 12€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung)


mit Überweisung des Eintritts bist Du automatisch angemeldet und wir haben eine Liste mit Deinem Nachnamen am Eingang (es gibt keine extra Bestätigung!):


Manuel Garcia
Verwendungszweck: „QULTUR“
Bank: Kreissparkasse München Starnberg
IBAN: DE54 7025 0150 0027 6160 44

PROGRAMM (Übersetzung folgt,sonst bitte google Übersetzer verwenden)

14.00 Uhr: opening speech – meet & greet

15.00 Uhr – 16.30 Uhr: workshops antiracism & antiviolence

Anti Racist workshop:

1.Queer and Trans* people of color in predominantly white queer spaces

An interactive workshop exploring the multiple axis of oppression facing Queer and Trans* people of color and the ways in which intersectionality as an intentional practice can be achieved.

Sheila Achieng is an androgyne Kenyan. She’s an Anti-racist activist, actor & co-organizer of the group “Beyond Color” based in Munich, Germany.

Empowerment for People of Color:


Many of us have been cut off from our roots, our culture had been stolen and forbidden, and our strength taken away. All of our energy goes into surviving daily life. In this workshop, we can reconnect with our roots, the culture in our blood & bones, and our ancestors to regain our power. We invite QTBPOC’s to share our spirituality & energy with one another.

Folami Bayode queer artist from the Netherlands & Manuel Ricardo Garcia, native American queer FTM of color, Trans*activist, photoartist, Architect & co-organizer of the group “Beyond Color” and Trans*Inter*Tagung München based in Munich, Germany. Family in Chihuahua Mexico.

16.30 Uhr – 19.00 Uhr: eat & encounter of all people

17.30 Uhr – 18.00 Uhr: vernissage

Rae Parnell – Zines

Rae will display several publications (zines) focused on performances of race, transness, and queerness. These zines will also serve as educational materials for audience members who would like to learn more about these topics.

Rae Parnell is a black trans artist and educator originally from USA, now based in the Netherlands. They do healing work and community building through workshop facilitation and use the process of zine-making to archive queer and trans communities of color. They have worked in collaboration with a number of different groups including TENT (Rotterdam), The Hang-Out (Rotterdam&Den Haag), Rotterdam Unlimited (Rotterdam). They currently coordinate the interdisciplinary lecture and performance series BARTALK in Den Haag. www.raezorbeamdreams.tumblr.com

Folami Bayode – drawings, photography

Folami is making drawings, photography and sculptures addressing black non binary identity, body memory and intergenerational trauma.

Folami Bayode, formerly from the UK and now living in The Netherlands, teaches visual art in schools, has run workshops about self care, life drawing and empathic listening in queer and kink communities around Europe.

Keith King – 40 days| 40 Looks

Photo series exploring the use of style and fashion as a weaponised tool against transmisogyny and a healing mechanism for violence experienced by gender non conforminnon binary femmes of color.

Keith King is a Black gender non-conforming political activist, visual and performance artist from Uganda based in Munich, Germany. Info Instagram: zengaking

Manuel Ricardo Garcia – Trans*people of the World

is an international project about Trans*people worldwide. I travelled the world for many years and took pictures of 50 Trans*people in their home cities – a diversity of ages, nationalities, skin colors, cultures. I portray each of them as special and beautiful in their own distinct ways, with their individual pride and strength, but also their vulnerabilities. Some of them live in countries where there is a trans* movement, others live in countries where they have to fight a terribly exhausting battle every day of their lives to survive.

Manuel Ricardo Garcia, native American queer FTM of color, Trans*activist, photoartist, Architect & co-organizer of the group “Beyond Color” and Trans*Inter*Tagung München based in Munich, Germany. Family in Chihuahua Mexico. www.garcia-photography.com

18.30 Uhr – 21.00 Uhr: open stage spoken word & life music

Gloria Verzannini & Alvaro Vidal Perez – Chile / Munich live chilean singing&guitar

Umut Uysaler – Turkey / Munich live singing turkish music

Refugee musicians from Sub e.V. – Uganda / Munich live drum playing

21.00 Uhr – 21.45 Uhr: performance

Keith King (Instagram: zengaking)

Songs in the key of Kuchu is a decolonizing ritual in which Keith articulates the urgency of the realities of black gender non conforming femmes, challenging the understandings of he colonial gender binary whilst presenting the limitless potentials of a world without gender.

Keith King is a Black gender non-conforming political activist, visual and performance artist from Uganda based in Munich, Germany. Through poetry, live performance, and mixed-media, they seek to amplify the visibility of the African/migrant/refugee queer and Trans communities. They have been invited to share their work by institutions and venues across Europe, such as the Norwegian council for Africa, Center For Intersectional Justice, Heinrichboll Stiftung, Bayerischen Landtag in Munich, TENT Rotterdam, Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, Berlin school of Economics and Law, Oslo Afro arts festival and most recently at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin. They are currently in production of „I Am Other,“ a research documentary and archival project on queerness in Sub Saharan Africa.

Travis Alabanza (travisalabanza.co.uk)

Before I Step Outside is a performance documenting Alabanza’s life in public, outside, in space, dissecting and critiquing how the world polices bodies outside of the expectations. This piece has been performed across the World, including many cities in US, UK, Berlin, Macedonia, Greece and Denmark.

Travis Alabanza is a performance artist and writer whose work surrounding the intersections of race, class, gender and transness has reached both national and international acclaim. In the last two years they have performed in over 200 venues, across 14 countries, was the youngest recipient of the Artistic Residency at the Tate Galleries, starred in the critically acclaimed Jubilee, and released their debut poetry book ‚Before I Step Outside (you love me)‘. Known for being one of the leading voices in Trans art within the UK (and further afield), their performance work has become known for being refreshing, challenging, disruptive and honest.

21.30 Uhr – 5.00 Uhr: party with international music

DJane Riya (Eritrea/Munich) for afrobeats

DJ Simo (Morocco/Munich) for Latino, Black and R’nB, oriental

Link zur Veranstaltung: http://www.beyondcolor.de

Sprache des Events: alle

Eintritt: 6-24 euro

Zielgruppe: teilweise


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