Instinto (Barcelona) + Σκουριά (München)

Donnerstag - 15.09.2016
20:30 - 23:30

Kafe Kult
Oberföhringer Str. 156


D-Beat Hardcore-Punk Metal // Barcelona
„(…) Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Instinto have released their sophomore album and have once again created timeless, classic as fuck, and incendiary crust punk that is just a fucking adrenaline ride through the torments and flaws of modern society, and an emotional rollercoaster of rage from which it will be impossible to get off. Furious guitars, a bulldozing rhythm section, and ripping smoke-torn vocals that call for blood at the top of their lungs is what Insitinto have brought you; a storming and raging punk-metal opera that will shake you to the core and will be impossible to forget. (…)“ (Review from CVLT Nation)


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