get rid! any gender is a drag party with special guests: RAE MAJOR in conversation with MANUEL RICARDO GARCIA – POSING THROUGH OPPRESSION 

Freitag - 05.04.2019
22:00 Uhr

sunny red
Hansastr. 39-41


flyer 5.4.Tonight Rae Major is in conversation with Manuel Ricardo Garcia. They will talk about the history of the european ballroom scene, about dance moves, houses, how the ballroom scene thinks about gender and performance and what this can teach trans/non binary/GNC people who are not in the scene.

(gespräch in englisch mit deutscher Flüsterübersetzung)

+ Fanzines + visuals: tps nostromo + elektropopunkraparty + bartbar und schminkecke für gendermixaktivitäten

Rae Parnell (aka RaeZor Beam or Mutha Major) is a researcher, writer, and educator based in the Hague, NL. They do healing work and community building through workshop facilitation and use the process of zine-making to archive queer and trans communities of color. Their past projects have focused on a range of topics, including anti-racist organizing, queer and trans knowledge distribution, and healing justice and disability justice.  Rae is the mother of the Kiki House of Major, and a member of the Iconic Pioneering House of Ultra Omni .

Manuel Ricardo Garcia is a queer FTM of colour and a member of the Kiki House of Major.


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